Wednesday, February 2, 2011

19months! Starting potting, fun..

Caroline is ready for potty training... panties on her head thanks to Daddy!
Caroline, put on one pair of panties, and is trying the other pair

She gave up trying to put them on her bottom and is now putting them on like a shirt!
Chloe has panties on her head thanks to her daddy!

Chloe is putting on her 2nd pair of panties!

18 months Christmas!

Caroline helping Daddy open gifts!
Girls taking all the ornaments off the tree... and breaking them!

Chloe opening her new movie!

Caroline, really likes her movie, she's keeping it out of reach!

Caroline in red and Chloe in stripes!

Wow, ok I'm really behind on postings... sorry! The girls had a great Christmas, although they did get sick afterwards! At their 18m check up Chloe weighed 22lbs and 5 ozs and Caroline weighed 19 lbs and 5 ozs. They didn't seem to grow as much, but I think they were too wiggly and were measured wrong, bc it said Chloe didn't grow and Caroline was talker than Chloe which is not the case. Chloe is about 1 1/2 inches taller than Caroline! Here are some pics of them!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

17 months! Full Speed Ahead~!

Yes, it looks like Caroline is jumping here, but she is just running to me while I try to take her picture! They just have so much crazy energy! Chloe is running too and bouncing her hair straight in the air!

Took girls in yesterday for cough and runny nose, dr said not contagious unless they get a high fever (then bring them back in) no fever just low grade temp bc of all the teeth they are cutting at once! Super painful!
At dr with clothes on Caroline weighed 19.7 which is probably just 19 even hopefully! Chloe weighed 22.7, so yes they are gaining weight, but not a lot and Chloe just a little growth spurt and is a little taller, Caroline is still shorter, but not by much! Go on Dec 13th for girls 18th month appt!
Girls fav thing to do is go outside and play, but today and yesterday it was TOO windy and TOO cold so the are in house tearing up everything they can get their hands on, and that is a lot these days! Girls especially Caroline loves to look outside at her Dogs or Doggie as she loves to say. Still not saying too many new words, but Chloe is for sure saying whole bunch of things, but WE HAVE NO IDEA what she is SAYING! Then she will look at you and shake her head up and down like you got that right!
Chloe loves to take you buy they hand or finger and pull you around to show you what she wants you to do for her or just lead you around the house like we are going on a walk outside! Silly, Silly little girls!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Costume Pics!

The Lady Bug kissing the Bee! So cute~! Cute Caroline Bee!
Happy Chloe Lady Bug!
Caroline's I don't want to be a flower melt down!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

16months-talking some!

Caroline loves to play and scribble w/ her pen Chloe doesn't want her picture taken!
Chloe sitting pretty for her picture!
Caroline said, "I think I might be in trouble"

Hi Everyone!
The girls skills are improving and they are growing, but not at alot. Chloe is almost 2 inches taller than Caroline now, but Caroline is the one talking and saying all kinds of things! Chloe now weights 21 lbs yea and Caroline is up to 18.5 lbs. They are just tiny little tots!
Caroline's favorite new words:

  • kitty
  • doggie- Chloe can say too!
  • ducky
  • Katie- for cousin Katie
  • yoggie (for her yogart)
  • nana (both can say)
  • dora (they both love Dora the Explorer)
  • Cinny - for their aunt Cindy
  • dink- for drink
  • Gimme- Chloe's favorite word
  • uh-oh- Caroline's fav word, she throws stuff down just to say it

Saturday, September 4, 2010

15 months

HI Everyone!
The girls have been busy! They can climb on the couch all by their onesies, throw away their own diapers. They love to open the trash can an throw stuff away! Chloe loves to dance!!!! Caroline loves to play by herself, doesn't like it when her sister likes to get everything she has! Here are some cute pics of them!
Chloe eating her banana!
Girls after their bath running around the house in just their towels!Caroline in her daddy's boots!Chloe in her daddy's boots!Caroline eating her banana wearing her 1 shoe! It's too big, but she loves to wear it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

14 months

Chloe is tickling Elmo and Caroline is playing with Wonder something! Fun toys Cindy and Bill brought by on their way to FL.
Now Caroline is going for Elmo, so cute!

Caroline in her cute outfit Auntie Sara got her!

Chloe wearing an outfit from Auntie Sara too!

The girls are everywhere! There isn't much they can't get into now! They are walking, running, and climbing on everything!
Here they are destroying the pantry, they've pulled everything out of place, there wasn't any room left so Chloe sat on Caroline's lap and Caroline is trying to get out!